Get work done faster. Save time, open a portal to your editor, edit your code the way you designed it. Get visual feedback immediately.

chrome compatible vs code compatible

Let me explain.

Portal provides a real-time connection with your editor. Stay in your browser and instantly see what your CSS changes are actually doing. Just select elements visually and Portal will automatically find all the relevant CSS in your editor.


Built to work anywhere

Stay in your browser. Even with more complicated CSS workflows.

  • Live code injection & modification
  • Compatibility with nested selectors
  • Support for tailwind @apply rules


The mouse is lava

Don't leave your keyboard. Navigate trough your CSS quickly and intuitively.

Select DOM element:
Alt + Click
Navigate through DOM:
Alt + W/A/S/D
Select available selectors:
Alt + Q/Z
Increase numeric CSS values:
Alt + </>
Minimize app:
Alt + Space
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